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Absence of 'Yuppie' centered entertainment

Aadisht has a very good categorization of the rich, and a good follow up post on the fact that there is no Yuppie programming on TV and very little in the movies. In brief, he proposes the existence 3 kinds of rich people:

Yuppies - the educated MBA types with EMIs to pay and a monthly pay check
Lalas - Owners of big family businesses
Hippies - Creative types like actors etc.

Using the categorization above, I developed a hypothesis for the absence of Yuppie content in the entertainment sphere.

Why Hindi movies/ soaps are centered around Lalas and Hippies:


The first reason is that frankly Yuppies don't lend themselves to great stories of romance and adventure. For that you need Hippies or Lalas who don't have to worry about making a living. I mean two characters sending each other mails in Outlook can't quite hold an audience's attention (even if the audience is Yuppie).

The hindi film industry is completely run by Lalas, Hippies, sons of Lalas (Karan Johar) and sons of hippies (Abhishek Bachchan). Now when a lala or a hippie writes a script it will inevitably be about Lalas and Hippies. For them Yuppies are some strange species that they see through the tinted windows of their E-Classes. You know, the strange species that drives red Maruti Swifts and follows traffic rules.

Soaps are also written and produced by rustic hippies and lalas respectively. So no hope there.

The only hope is when Yuppies crossover to become Hippies. Eg. Nagesh Kukunoor, Chetan Bhagat’s movie about the Call center etc.

My prediction is that pretty soon quite a few yuppies will make hippie transitions once they find out that corporate life is meaningless and/or pile up a truck load of cash in their savings accounts. Secondly the corporate film houses will realize that the lala/hippie fare doesn’t work too great with the multiplex crowd and will start funding small budget yuppie movies (Aamir, A Wednesday etc.)

So, there is hope.


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