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Brokerage Comparison - ICICI Direct, SBI, HDFC Securities etc

Out of curiosity I did a comparison of brokerages across various providers of trading and demat accounts in India. Here are the findings:

For a delivery based volume of less than Rs. 50 Lakhs per quarter, here are the brokerages across some leading providers of trading and demat accounts.

ICICI Direct =fixed plan of 0.50%, (and a variable plan of 0.25-0.75% which is beneficial only for large investors)

HDFC Securities = 0.50%
SBI Demat = 0.50%
Reliance Money = 0.45%
Geojit BNP Paribas = 0.25% to 0.30%
Edelweiss = 0.30% to 0.50% 
Fullerton Securities = Upto 0.50%  on pre-paid plans
Angel broking = 0.35%

[Readers may drop in brokerage charges for other service providers and I will update the post accordingly.]


  1. Anonymous


    i know..i have been trading with reliance money and with their .. less charges as compared to others.. and such margins make a huge difference in online trading....

    1:48 PM
  2. Fun-Gal


    Angel Broking: 0.05% (Intraday) and 0.35% (on total transaction). Plus if you trade in high volumes they will come down on brokerage. Trading s/w is great too.

    10:32 AM
  3. Fun-Gal


    To add to the above comment.. the above rates are for an initial investment of Rs.20,000/- (Twenty thousand.)

    10:34 AM
  4. GG


    The reason for coming up with new Brokerage plan is due to stiff competion amoung brokerage houses and ICICI securities loosing its market share due to high brokerage. If one looks at flat brokerage rate offered by other brokerage houses even 0.55% flat brokerage offered by ICICI direct is still on the higher side. Well on tiered rate plan ...I-Saver (Slabwise brokerage based on transaction volume/Turnover) one needs to clearly understand the underlying facts very clearly which are overlooked by most of the people. In this plan ICICI direct has smartly created a slab wise brokerage plan which depends on your turnover of the transaction volume within one quarter. But on the transaction which are being done in that quarter it always charges you brokerage as per highest brokerage slab(0.75%) even for a single day transactions even if it fits in the lower brokerage slab(say 0.55%). By doing this ICICI direct is not only enjoying on the excess brokerage that they are charging their customer(for no reason) but also not paying any interest on the excess amount charged for the said period. Therefore be careful in dealing with ICICI direct as they are still charging you higher brokerage upfront in I-Saver Brokerage plan.

    9:09 PM