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Interview of UTV's Ronnie Screwvala

UTV's Ronnie Screwvala makes some interesting observations about "Scale versus control" in this Knowledge@Wharton interview.
That was a crossroads that we had already crossed -- UTV as a company and myself personally. For me, scale is more important than control. Once you start thinking about scale, performance is going to count in any case because we are a public limited company. Whether Disney thinks I am a good CEO or the rest of the shareholders think I am a good CEO is equally bad or good -- because I have to be accountable for my performance. The other thing that comes about when you cross the 51% threshold in shareholding is that of overall accountability in that context -- and therefore management versus shareholding. If I think I am not the right person to lead the company at the next level of its growth, I could just continue to be a shareholder.
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