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Amitabh Bachchan's Blog

With the attention that the Big B's blog is getting on Big Adda, it may not be a bad idea to convert Big Adda into a pure blogging platform and get rid of all the social networking stuff. Blogging is a standalone feature, which can succeed by itself, whereas a social network can succeed only if it has a critical mass of linked up users, and I don't see Big Adda achieving that in the face of Orkut and Facebook.

Secondly, with so many "stars" embracing blogging, it looks like blogs have completed the long journey from being a geek's tool to a mainstream medium.


  1. akhil


    Dear Amitabh ji,

    I like your all your movie but most like Zanjeer, Bagbaan.

    3:45 PM
  2. ShabnamAli, UK


    Dear Mr. Amitabh Bachchan,
    To speak the truth I am not a big fan of yours. The only films I liked were Zanjeer and Black. The reason I liked Zanjeer was because I was a kid and had not seen any hero before that. You really were a hero then. After that I didn't like any film of yours because I didn't like that angry image of yours - it looked very stereotyped ; being repeated in almost all films. I don't know how you felt repeating them yourselves. And I liked Black only because of that scene where you play the role of an Alzheimer diseased man. I was really astounded. Maybe these few instances make you really great. Anyway I like your stamina and refusal to give up. I do learn a lot from you - not to give up till the end. Keep it up! But I was very surprised at your selected list of guests in your son's wedding. If possible can you explain. I am requesting for an answer because it will help me to learn a bit more from you. I hope you don't mind my criticisms

    4:33 AM
  3. Jagdish


    AMITABH BACHCHAN the icon of an angry Indian man!!!
    The rescue operation in the recent sad events in Mumbai were carried out very bravely and effectively in very difficult and dangerous conditions. Mr Bachachan, rather than congratulating the efforts of the brave rescue officers is undermining their attempts. Someone who expresses his pain for " innocent and vulnerable and completely insecure countrymen" does not give a second thought of how his countrymen sleep on the streets of Mumbai but tries to "saves himself" by sleeping with his licensed revolver in his heavily guarded and well secured mansion behind locked metal gates!! You make me laugh!!!!

    6:23 PM